LogoDiscardLess Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries

Report on the automatic system for by-catches quantification and classification and the battery of specific fluorescent DNA probes

This document is the third deliverable in work package six (WP6) of the DiscardLess project, which aims to contribute to the gradual elimination of the discards in the European fisheries, in agreement with the reformed Common Fisheries Policy of the EU and the implementation of the Landing Obligation (LO). LO states that all species with Total Allowable Catches (TAC) or Minimum Conservation Reference Size (MCRS) have to be classified, quantified and landed. Each species must be separated in different boxes, but also fishes under MCRS have to be separated as the LO states that their use for direct human consumption is not allowed.

This increases the need of onboard handling, that is already very time consuming and demanding, and therefore will need the introduction of innovative solutions for the identification, classification and quantification of catches.

The work package deals with two possible solutions for the identification, classification and quantification of catches. On the one hand, automatics systems for the quantification and classification of the catches has been developed and, on the other hand, fast DNA probes identification of several species has been established.

Angela Melado, Idoia Olabarrieta, Alberto González de Zarate, Miguel Angel Pardo, Bruno Iñarra