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Synthesis of Discards Mitigation Strategies by Case Study

This deliverable provides an overview of the various Discard Mitigation Strategies (DMS) that have been analysed and investigated in the various case studies. The DMSs are proposed and examined as case specific approaches to support the implementation of the European Landing Obligation (LO). The DMSs represent potential approaches to reduce unvanted catches through fishing gear technology (WP3) changes in fishing patterns (WP4), by finding efficient solutions for handling unavoidable unwanted onboard (WP5), and through identifying existing and novel ways to utilize unwanted catches (WP6).

This deliverable represents thus a synthesis of the work developed in these four “innovation” Work Packages, summarised by region. The technical details of the various approaches can be found in the corresponding deliverables from these WPs and where applicable, in scientific publications.

The work has been diverse, and not all tasks / work package have been performed in each case study. But in every case studies, significant amounts of new knowledge have been developed about the possible technical and tactical approaches to reduce discards and/or to best utilise them in the value chain. A number of approaches are specific to a given issue in a given case study, but there are also many commonalities and some developments are of interest at a much wider scale than the case study.

Clara Ulrich