LogoDiscardLess Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries

Validation of final solution(s) for best use of unavoidable unwanted catches

This document is the fifth deliverable in work package six (WP6) of the DiscardLess project, which aims to contribute to the gradual elimination of the discards in the European fisheries, in agreement with the reformed Common Fisheries Policy of the EU and the implementation of the landing obligation (LO).

In previous deliverables different approaches have been evaluated to minimize the impact of the LO implementation. LO states that only UUC above Minimum Conservation Reference Size can be used for human consumption, but there is a need of designing new fish products while avoiding the promotion of the captures under MCRS and, at the same time, without affecting negatively the existing markets. All the other catches need to be properly managed, but their profitability must be subjected to the avoidance of incentivizing by-catches. At the same time, LO establishes that all species with TAC or MCRS have to be classified, quantified and landed. Each species has to be separated in different boxes, but also fishes under MCRS have to be separated as the LO states that their use for direct human consumption is not allowed.

All these constraints have been evaluated and solutions proposed for different case studies. These deliverable deals with the pilot validation of the proposed solution for the best uses of UUC.

Bruno Iñarra, Erling Larsen and Jónas R. Viðarsson