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Avoiding Unwanted Catches

Avoiding Unwanted Catches

Unwanted catches should preferably be avoided. DiscardLess addresses this through research on innovative improvements to selectivity (WP3) and on adaptations of fishing strategies and fishers’ behavior (WP4). Both aspects deal with fishers’ own choices in their daily practices. Our work builds therefore on combining best available fishers’ and scientific knowledge with innovative tools, to develop strategies to avoid catching unwanted species and sizes.

Check the seven presentations on Session II: Selectivity and Avoidance at the closing conference in Copenhagen, January 2019 and the final video of what we have achieved.

Gear Selectivity

Here you find links to our work on gear selectivity and technological developments.


Discard Avoidance

Here you find links to our work on discard avoidance through tactical choices of where and when to fish.