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The DiscardLess project is finished and closed!

The DiscardLess project is finished and closed!

The EU research Project DiscardLess, started in 2015, has come to its end. The project finished officially in February 2019, and all the final documents, reports and deliverables were delivered by May 2019. We have made a lot of great science, as symbolised in the Discard Mitigation Strategies (DMS) overview picture above.

We have tried to keep an online track of all our work, and a lot of information is available on this website. The main results and the corresponding links are summarised in the “HIGHLIGHTS” pages available from the project home page. 

This website will be kept active for 5 years, until 2024. Our research on discards will not stop here, but will continue under different forms in future research projects. 

We thank all project partners for their excellent work, and all the stakeholders (fishing and seafood industry, NGOs, policy-makers) for their continuous support and interest in our work, and we greatly acknowledge the support of the EU Research and Innovation Program which financed the project.