LogoDiscardLess Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries


The Discardless DMS toolbox (Discard Mitigation Strategies ToolBox) aims to gather , synthetize and disseminate the knowledge produced by the DiscardLess project in a single repository freely accessible online. The preliminary version of the ToolBox contains already two operational modules.


  • The first tool created under the cover of the DiscardLess DMS toolbox is an online atlas, linking and mapping discard data from STECF, ICES and GFCM for selected European fisheries in a synthetic manner.

Selectivity Manual

  • The second tool is a catalogue of selective gears. This catalogue is composed of a generic manual describing the selective properties of the various components of a trawl, together with factsheets of numerous existing gear modifications tested in European fisheries to avoid unwanted bycatches.

Future DMS outcomes produced by the project will be disseminated in a similar way as much as possible.