LogoDiscardLess Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries

Good practice for implementing discard policies elsewhere

This report presents and discusses experience with implementing discard polices based on four lines of work. First, a comparative examination was conducted of selected cases worldwide where discard bans have been implemented. This work focused on the cases of Norway, Chile, New Zealand and the EU. Second, bycatch management practices were examined more broadly and globally. Third, experiences with first year of the EU’s Landing Obligation (LO) were examined for the Baltic and Pelagic fisheries after the first of application of the LO. These cases potentially offer valuable lessons for discard management in the context of the LO with regard to cooperation with stakeholders, cooperation between member states and the design and implementation of discard mitigation strategies. Fourth, innovative management approaches to support the implementation of the landing obligation are presented and discussed, drawing on results from task 4.4: “The manager’s story”. The detailed outcomes of the first three listed lines of work are publically available as publications or reports, and their main findings are summarised and integrated in this report. With a basis in the four lines of work, the authors propose nine general recommendations for good practice for discard governance.

This document represents the final version of deliverable 7.4 of the DiscardLess project, and reports from task 7.2 “Good practice with implementing discard policies elsewhere”. A draft version of this deliverable had been submitted in February 2018.

Kåre Nielsen, Lisa Borges, Nadine Jacques, Daniel Holland, Mike Fitzpatrick