LogoDiscardLess Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries

Initial avoidance manuals by case study including tactical, strategic and gear based approaches agreed by scientists and fishers.

Skippers, owner/skippers and shore based managers representing a wide range of fisheries and countries (Ireland, Denmark, Spain-the Balearics, France-Eastern Channel, Greece-North Aegean Sea, and Portugal-Azores) were interviewed regarding their views on solutions to address the landing obligation. Solutions proposed by fishermen were separated into technical (gear changes) and tactical (fishing behaviour changes). They were also asked about management responses that might or might not help. In this deliverable we summarised the ideas identified by fishermen. We have sought to identify commonalities, where fishermen from two or more countries identified the same issues, and whether ideas from one country might be applied to fisheries in others. Conversely, we have also tried to show where the responses reflect the unique characteristics of fisheries management in that country. The most obvious of these would be the quota based management outside the Mediterranean.

Dave Reid