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Newsletter No. 2, April 2016

Newsletter No. 2, April 2016

The DiscardLess project has already turned its first year! The partners met in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France during the first week of March 2016, to review the progresses achieved during this first period, and to prepare the work for the second year. An open meeting with several stakeholders and managers from the Eastern Channel fishing area was also held, to exchange on the scientific and technical knowledge needed for the implementation of the landing obligation – see the video of the meeting and the minutes of the open meeting in our Videos section.

A lot of work has been done by all partners during this first year, spanning over many different fields of science across the various areas. In order to synthetize and convey this work, we have produced an informal overview for each of our case studies. All these overviews document our progresses following a common template, although the content may vary in length and level of details. We are also continuously expanding and updating the information available on our website.

Below you will find links to different case studies syntheses by clicking on the ”+ Extra files” button. You can also see an overview along with individual briefs in our Where do we work? section.

We hope that these overviews will be useful, do not hesitate to contact us for further information!