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Newsletter No. 1, November 2015

Newsletter No. 1, November 2015

Welcome to the first DiscardLess newsletter. The project started a bit more than 8 months ago, on March 1st, 2015. There are a lot of good things going on, and activities are developing according to the workplan. But these are not always directly released and available to the public, so we are therefore sending a brief overview of what has been done so far and what is on the way. Our website, http://www.discardless.eu is also expanding now, and will be updated regularly when new material comes in. 

The project was officially launched during its Kick-Off meeting in April 2015, that was held in connection with the conference on the Landings Obligation (LO) organised by the SINAVAL Fair in Bilbao. This was an occasion for numerous and fruitful meetings with a large diversity of stakeholders and policy makers. Since then, we have used our time in gathering and sharing data and knowledge across geographical areas and disciplines, and we have also engaged in a number of tasks… Following is a brief update on each of our Work Packages. We look forward to meet with you again throughout our project. 

Coordinator’s welcome 

Clara Ulrich, DTU Aqua, Denmark