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Impact Assesments

Impact Assesments

Is the landing obligation good for the ecosystem, and bad for the economy? We are working on assessing the possible consequences for fish stocks, the marine ecosystem and socioeconomic aspects of the removal of biomass hitherto discarded. 

These impacts are influenced by the degree to which the fisheries will adapt and change their realized selection patterns. Therefore we have established baselines describing the impact of the implementation of the landing obligation if no discard mitigation takes place, and we compare them with alternative management and adaptation scenarios. We also monitor changes in the bio-ecological and socio-economic systems during and after the implementation of the landing obligation. 


Here you find links on our main results on impact assessment, together with key publications and reports: 

ECOSYSTEM IMPACT: presentation from Rome meeting in March 2017

BIOECONOMIC IMPACT: presentation from Rome meeting in March 2017

For a small video illustrating who eats discard in the Kattegat, see Fate of Discard Trial.