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MARE conference, 9-7 July in Amsterdam

MARE conference, 9-7 July in Amsterdam

A number of DiscardLess partners will be presenting results of their research at the MARE conference in Amsterdam on July 5th. MARE is an interdisciplinary social science conference focussed on the use and management of marine resources. A panel session on the “Implications of the new discard policy in European fisheries” will focus on human aspects of the new discard policy.

The session will be chaired by Mike Fitzpatrick of Marine Natural Resource Governance, Ireland, and will also feature presentations from Katia Frangoudes of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France, Laurence Fauconnet of IMAR, the Institute of Marine Research in the Azores and Dave Reid of the Marine Institute, Ireland.

We will present results from surveys and interviews with fishers, industry representatives, NGO’s and policy makers on:

  • Attitudes to discards in fisheries and the Landing Obligation specifically 
  • Social and economic implications and concerns about the discard policy
  • Implications for the relationship between fishers and scientists
  • Implementation challenges linked to the top-down origin of the Landing Obligation 
  • Opportunities for new approaches created by the policy change