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Policy Briefs and Mitigation Toolbox

Policy Briefs and Mitigation Toolbox

DiscardLess summarises the knowledge gained during the project into a number of easily accessible documents. 


Here you find links to our annual policy briefs on key issues linked with the landing obligation, together with key publications and reports

2016: Baltic and Pelagic Fisheries

2017: Mediterranean Fisheries

2017: North Sea and Western waters fisheries – (comming soon)


A feature article on the first year of the landing obligation (Borges, 2016) was published and can be accessed here:

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)


Our Discard Mitigation Strategies (DMS) ToolBox provides an overview of most of our technical and scientific results. The toolbox is continuously updated with new stories and knowledge. 


Basic information about the project is provided in few short videos: 

DiscardLess - How do we get there? - emphasizes the role of technology

DiscardLess Stakeholders - emphasizes the importance of involving stakeholders in identifying problems and solutions in relation to discard mitigation and the landing obligation


You may also visit our annual summaries by region:

The Azores
The Eastern Mediterranean Sea
The Western Mediterranean Sea
The Bay of Biscay
The Celtic Sea
The Eastern English Channel
The North Sea and West of Scotland
The Icelandic Sea
The Barents Sea


A study on the implementation of discard policies in a number of countries (Borges et. al, 2016) has been published:

Oxford Academic Journals