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The catalogue of the possible uses of discards in the supply chain is now online

The catalogue of the possible uses of discards in the supply chain is now online

DiscardLess has just published a new online module of its Discard Mitigation Strategies ToolBox (DMS Tool Box)!!

This time, the module deals with a catalogue of possible uses of discards and unwanted catches in the supply chain. An extensive review of most suitable uses has been performed, based on bibliographic results, current experiences and works performed by DiscardLess partners. There is a broad range of possibilities to valorise fish and fish compounds, however, not all the solutions are able to deal with the large variability in the expected landings. The Landing Obligation states that only unwanted catches above Minimum Conservation Reference Size can be used for human consumption, but there is a need for designing new fish products that avoid a market overflow. Undersize catches need to be properly managed but the policy‘s intention is to avoid creating a profitable market which may increase targeting on small fish. 

To facilitate the selection of the most suitable options, individual factsheet have been developed for 27 valorisations processes, comprising for each of these:

  • Product description
  • Application(s)
  • Raw materials
  • A simplified process scheme
  • An estimated feasibility study


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The full report including methodological explanations will be published online soon.

Reference: Bruno Iñarra, Carlos Bald, Marta Cebrian (2017). Evaluation of the different valorisation alternatives prioritized from the technical, market, regulatory and socio-economic perspective. DiscardLess Deliverable D6.2