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Useful Links

The European Commission - The landing obligation

The link will take you to the European Commission's own website about the landing obligation of discards and will provide information about how onwards fishermen from 1 January 2015 in certain parts of the EU must land all the fish they catch. 


STECF Landing Obligations reports

The link will take you to the European Commission's own website. 
Here you can find the reports of the Scientific, Technical and EconomicCommittee for Fisheries (STECF)
The reports refer to topics such as evaluation and reduction of discarding practices.


ICES working group on commercial catches

(for the estimation of discards quantities)

WGCATCH documents national fishery sampling schemes, establishes best practice and guidelines on sampling and estimation procedures, and provides advice on other uses of fishery data.


European Parliament Committees - PECH Fisheries 

The link takes you to the European Parliament Committees' website. Here you can gather information about upcomming meetings, events and highlights. Among others, agendas for commitee meetings, important documents, press releases and reports on the topic can be found. 


MINOUW – Science, technology and society initiative to minimize unwanted catches in european fisheries

MINOUW is a EU H2020 RIA project addressing topic SFS-9-2014: Towards a gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries. A Consortium of 15 beneficiaries and 4 linked parties participate in the project actions. The Consortium includes fisheries technologists, fisheries scientists, universities, a non-governmental organization and local fisheries managers. It as a budget of ca. 6 M € for a duration on 4 years (March 2015 – Feb. 2019).