Research & Innovation program on strategies for the gradual elimination of discards. Any related tweets reflect only the views of the project owner.



  1. 1月31日

    Education through : what is the culinary value of & fish? Many thanks to and “30 under 30” innovator for educating experts & fishers

  2. 1月30日

    We need a bigger toolbox! Many steps have been taken to avoid unwanted catch but there is still a long way to go. Interesting debates at first Day of closing conference

  3. 1月30日

    welcomes about 150 participants for the closing Science-Policy conference

  4. 1月2日

    Our fab Book on the has been published, and is all for free download! . 20 Chapters bringing multiple perspectives on impacts, perceptions and ways forward... get it today and sign up for conference 30-31 Jan!

  5. 2018年12月20日

    2019. What have we learned, what are the next steps? SIGN UP for Science-Policy closing symposium, 30-31 January, DTU Copenhagen

  6. 2018年11月1日
  7. 2018年10月3日
  8. 2017年12月20日

    Proud that has invested in our projects! but also , , now , , and before, , and many many others!

  9. 2017年11月21日

    Our project was made possible thanks to !

  10. 2017年7月11日

    Lisa Borges from participates to event on Ocean Research and innovation cooperation, Lisbon

  11. 2016年6月16日
  12. 2016年6月6日
  13. 2015年8月3日

    Horizon 2020 DISCARDLess Project: Strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries


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