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  1. 4月16日

    Conservation of fishery resources & protection of marine ecosystems through technical measures, including ban on pulse fishing as of 1 July 2021 adopts provisional agreement on report by 571⬆️ 60⬇️ 20↔️ Adopted text:

  2. 4月4日

    adopted the draft report of next European Maritime, Fisheries & Aquaculture Fund by 497⬆️ 93⬇️ 40↔️ MEPs agreed to increase the 2021-2027 budget at least by 10% compared to the current financing period Press release:

  3. 4月4日

    Pleased to see we reached the end of the process. Thank you for the good cooperation!

  4. 4月4日

    Thanks to for overwhelmingly adopting (461 for 62 against) our proposal for a first ever multi-annual management plan in the Western : the This is real progress on our policy

    和其他 7 人
  5. 4月4日

    backs first EU-wide management plan for fish stocks in It covers demersal species & aims at ensuring exploitation of stocks while maintaining their capacity of reproduction Press release:

  6. 4月4日

    approved long-term plan to ensure protection of the Mediterranean , already informally agreed with EU ministers. ▶️ 14-year recovery plan taking into account different types of gear & fishing techniques Press release:

  7. 4月4日

    Yesterday, MEPs debated in the future of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund - the vote will take place later this morning. Debate recording 🔽

  8. 4月4日

    13th Fisheries WP 🐠 under with full agenda of internal and external issues: & Regulations, mandate package, consultation, Gambia, Cape Verde, Liberia, Mauritania, Morocco . Working to make life better via .

  9. 4月3日

    Supported by , NetTag brings together an international team of researchers 🇵🇹🇪🇸🇬🇧 who will develop & test acoustic devices and robotic recovery system. What for? To reduce lost gears & organise awareness-raising activities on for fishermen!

  10. 4月2日

    This week, will vote two agreements on new conservation measures for the : The Western Mediterranean and the recovery plan for . MEPs will also debate & vote on the new European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund

  11. 3月13日

    Press release - approved a simplification of procedure granting fishing authorisations for Union fishing vessels in United Kingdom waters. More information:

  12. 3月13日

    Press release - adopted the access to compensation in the event of a closure of UK waters. More information: More information:

  13. 3月13日

    Press release - The European Union will guarantee the sustainability of in the no-deal scenario. More information:

  14. 3月7日

    Press release - adopted the draft report of the new European Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund. MEPs agreed to increase by 10% the budget for the 2021-2027. More information: GabrielMatoA

  15. 3月7日

    Press release - endorsed the agreement with Council on new technical measures by 21 votes in favour, 2 against and 2 abstentions. The new rules aim at minimizing the impact of fishing on the marine ecosystem. More information:

  16. 3月5日

    . will vote on the draft report of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 2021-2027. The is one of the five European Structural and investment funds that allocates the budget for supporting EU fisheries sector

  17. 3月5日

    On Thursday, will vote on a provisional agreement on the new conservation technical measures. These will update more than 30 current regulations and will determine the conditions under which fishermen may fish

  18. 3月5日

    On Thursday, 7th March from (14.00-15.30 h), will vote, on a provisional agreement on new conservation technical measures and on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 2021-2027. Here is the full agenda:

  19. 2月22日

    EU Member States in just endorsed agreement on new rules on conservation of fishery resources & protection of marine ecosystems. Official letter to be sent to Chair of

  20. 2月19日

    . adopted by 21 votes in favour and 2 against the transposition into EU law of measures so that they become applicable to all EU vessels in Northwest Atlantic



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